Covid-19 RMO

Please Note that Due to the Restricted Order Movement, our offices will be open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8AM-2PM. Please call Robert (0107660834) or Tommy (0198811488) for any enquiries

  • Efficiency

    Efficient Troubleshooting and after-sales service for our products backed up by spare parts in stock.

  • Examine

    All pumps we sell are vetted for hydraulic suitability.

  • Design & Build

    We design & build water treatment systems for Potable Water supply.

  • Best Water Solutions

    • We perform hydraulic & design for water features like Fountains Systems, Waterfalls, Sprinkler Irrigation systems which we supply.
    • We perform hydraulic design & filtration for water quality in fishponds and swimming pools systems which we supply.
    • Water transfer systems and water booster systems which we supply are designed hydraulically.

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