Phoenix Portatreat Portable Package Water Treatment Plant

The Phoenix Portatreat is a self-contained, portable package water treatment plant; a professional compact package water treatment plant that is accessible and reliable. Combining the most reliable water treatment processes with over 50 years of water engineering experience, our product delivers the best professional solution to all your cleanwater applications, even in the most remote of installations.

Combining newer available technologies and more efficient processes, we have miniaturised a process that traditionally consumes a large area and compacted it to a transportable form factor. This small sizing allows for the quickest deployment on site, and fully operational by the day, ensuring associated time-based costs are kept at a minimum.

As it’s construction is built completely with stainless steel, it ensures a product that is solid and long-lasting. When paired and equipped with advanced technologies, the Portatreat can be fully automated according to your needs. This is especially useful for remote installations where personnel availability is a concern.

Sabah’s own self-contained, complete portable package water treatment plant to treat and produce potable drinking water. Available for stationary installations or portable units, the plant is configurable to the following standard sizes.

Phoenix Portatreat Model Rated Output (m3/day) Population Served (PE)
 50 50 370
100 100 730
165 165 1200
200 200 1500
330 330 2400
500 500 3700
>500 Modular Expansion

Phoenix Portatreat Catalog

Portatreat Catalog


Do you have a water supply problem? Consider the Phoenix Portatreat for all your water supply needs. Should you have any further enquiries regarding this product and wish to know more, please complete this form to register your interest or contact us at our regular office hours.